what we offer?

We’ve partnered with some of the largest companies in New Zealand to help grow their business through cost effective acquisition.  PML is your premier marketer in acquisition and retention of subscription-based services. Our innovative approach drives us to ensure that the best results are achieved for our clients.


We know Sales. We deliver results. Let us work with you, building your success through acquisition and retention. Utilize our skills and experience as your premier sales channel.

Customer Service

Too many calls to handle? Nice problem to have if they are sales enquiries! Talk to us about your inbound requirements. You may need a call centre to take overflow calls on a day-to-day basis or, a short-term solution for special campaigns.

Sports Marketing

We use our expertise to get a campaign moving quickly, efficiently and with immediate results. It’s all about win-win and getting more people through the turnstiles!


When it comes to acquisition or lead generation often the hardest decision is whether to manage this in-house or to outsource. This is where our expertise can really help.

Too Many Calls to Handle?
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