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In 2000, we saw an opportunity to fill a major gap in outsourced, outbound acquisitions for Broadband, Mobile & Power services, Sports ticketing, and Subscription-TV.

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The scope of our business encompasses Telesales, Consultancy, Customer Service and Sports Marketing. When it comes to our clients…. we can work with big companies, small companies and anything in-between.

We operate in a number of different markets, such as Power, Phone Lines & Broadband, Paid-TV, Media, Sporting Events, Loyalty programs, just to name a few. At the end of the day what we offer is a highly experienced, specialist team, that saves you the headache of recruiting & training sales people. You get the new customers, or the bums on seats at your events, while you continue to concentrate on your core business. So we focus on what we are good at and you focus on what you are good at…..The very definition of Win/Win Our focus is on service to the Client, and to the potential customers. To this end we focus on delivery of maximum sales of the very highest quality. Our training includes Product knowledge, Sales techniques, Compliance Training, and weekly Quality Assurance reviews. Our record speaks for itself in terms of delivery to our clients, and the fact that we maintain clients for long term contracts… we must be doing something right!

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